Rehabilitation Post-Acute Care Center

At the Post-Acute Care Center at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, we focus on the lifestyle of each individual and make your goals our priority. With comfortable, private accommodations and a team of over 30 experienced therapists, it is no wonder that so many of our short-stay patients achieve one of their greatest goals—returning home.

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Personal attention backed by experience.

We have over 30 licensed therapists with certifications from national associations in six specialty areas: specialized exercise, orthopedics, geriatrics, stroke interventions, cognition, and Parkinson’s disease.

Our philosophy is that patients recover best in an environment that feels like home. Our Wasserman Residence lobby and Rutstein WiFi Café feature comfortable and relaxing gathering spaces where you and your guests can enjoy a cup of coffee and stay connected.

Privacy: We offer a private modality suite where we provide specialized therapy services, including ultrasound and VitalStim, a non-invasive therapy and treatment for patients suffering with difficulty swallowing or dysphagia).

Technology: Wireless iPads enable us to track your progress efficiently, without leaving the treatment area. We also utilize IN2L – It’s Never Too Late, a person-centered, state-of-the-art system that uses touch screen technology and picture-based software.

Skill-building Life Station: The innovative Life Station provides hands-on practice with everyday activities of daily living.

Lifestyle Apartment: Relearn skills for independence, from cooking to getting out of the shower safely, in our activities of daily living apartment.

Brain Gym: Designated treatment space designed to focus on cognitive skills retraining.

Mobility made easier: Take advantage of the latest equipment, including our BioDex Gait Training System and BioDex Balance System that helps patients regain balance and walking abilities, our car simulator that helps with getting into and out of cars, and more. Patients can also benefit from Saebo, task-specific training that improves upper extremity function in individuals suffering from neurological injuries. We also use Sci-Fit, Nu-Step and Omnicycle which offers upper body, lower body or total exercise.

Post-Acute Care Center at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington

Experience Matters

The Post-Acute Care Center focuses on quality, person-centered care for each of our patients. See what makes it the right choice for your rehabilitation.

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