Dr. Richard Meltzer has been the director of the dental volunteer program since 1999. “We are very fortunate to have the skills to help people,” Dr. Meltzer said. “Our patients are wonderful members of our community, and now is the time when they need our help.” 

CESLC recently hosted an appreciation dinner to thank all of our dental volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

Our dental volunteers are dentists and dental specialists from our community who donate their time to see patients in two different clinics located in our long-term care residences. These clinics feature digital x-rays, digital panoramic, piezo-electric scalers, all electronic medical records and ergonomic delivery units and chairs. The team of doctors and specialists also make room visits for those residents who are not able to visit the clinics. 

There are 16 volunteers in the program with diverse skills, who along with dental assistant Maria Araguello, provide a variety of services to our residents. Our volunteers are some of the most skilled practitioners in our community and we are fortunate to have general dentistry as well specialists being part of the program.

The volunteers do not only provide dental care to our residents, they also train the nursing staff and make sure that they know how to help our residents to clean and maintain their teeth.

“I appreciate the ability to help people and give back to the community,” said Dr. Meltzer. “I also love hearing my patients’ stories.”

For more information on CESLC’s long-term care residences and our dental volunteer program, please visit our website smithlifecommunities.org.