“Dr. Benson listens,” says Doreen Paster. “My mom has some unique medical issues which affect how she communicates and especially how she presents. Dr. Benson takes a holistic view of the patient and patient’s history, as well as information provided by the family, and puts the pieces together thoughtfully.”

Dr. Linda Benson, one of our rehabilitation doctors, is part of our eight full-time staff physicians’ team and the medical team that also includes part-time doctors and consultants of various specialties.

“We pride ourselves in the high quality services we provide including our doctors’ range of expertise,” said our VP of Medical Affairs at CESLC, Elisa Gil-Pires, MD, FACP, CMD. “We want to ensure the best care for all of our residents so their family members feel confident and can trust that their family members are happy, healthy and in the best hands,” she explained. Dr. Gil, a specialist in geriatric medicine and palliative care leads our esteemed medical team.

The praise for the doctors at CESLC is shared across the board, which is all the more impressive given their diverse training and varied specialties. With CESLC doctors’ well-rounded knowledge of medical care, CESLC is able to provide all types of geriatric care. Dr. Richard Jacobs provides podiatric services while Dr. Anthony Pellicane and Dr. Chun-ju Wang specialize in physiatry and rehabilitative medicine. Dr. Mina Fazli, Dr. Loren Wilkerson and Dr. Robert Singer specialize in primary geriatric care both at Hebrew Home as well as Hirsh Health Center. Dr. Mohamed Al-Ibrahim and Dr. Doyle add support to our medical team. Under this team, our residents at CESLC are therefore always in superb hands.

Thank you to our medical team, we recognize your valuable contributions to our residents and our community.