“Volunteers are valuable all year round, but holidays are especially important because families may not live close by to visit their loved ones, and no one should be alone on holidays” Monica Mayer, Volunteer Manager at CESLC notes.

“Volunteers also help spread holiday cheer in numerous ways. Coming in for a visit, escorting residents to holiday services, and making donations (monetary or in-kind) all contribute to the well-being of our residents” adds Mayer.

Volunteers can assist with a variety of services ranging from help with basic paperwork to creative performances; all forms of volunteering are welcome. The CESLC staff encourages everyone to bring their unique gifts and interests to the community.

From direct service work visiting residents or helping with activities to behind the scenes clerical work, CESLC can use help from youth, adults, and groups. Can you play a musical instrument?  Come play here!  Do you sing in a choir?  Bring your choir here!  Share a hobby, help us celebrate holidays, or provide administrative assistance to keep our operations running smoothly.  We’re always looking for new and different ideas too.

Due to the accommodating nature of the CESLC residences, even ideas for group activities are welcome. Landow House, for instance, incorporates a large meeting room that’s perfectly suited for entertainment and educational events. Volunteers who are simply interested in spending time with the many warm personalities that call the CESLC campus home are of course welcome to suggest one-on-one service ideas; however, all forms of behind the scenes help is also welcome.

Mayer, who recently began working at CESLC after managing the volunteer program for a similar organization in Columbus, Ohio, emphasizes how important personal contact is for residents over the holidays.

“The reason I enjoy my job is because I get to bring the community to the residents who can’t get out anymore.  This sense of connectedness is important for all involved!  My favorite comment from a resident once was, ‘I love it when volunteers visit because they are here because they care.’ She also added that she couldn’t live without the staff that helped her every day.”

With residences dedicated to independent living, assisted living, long-term care, post-acute care, and memory care, CESLC offers a number of services for older adults. A not-for-profit foundation that’s firmly built on Jewish values and a commitment to serving the entire local community ensures that CESLC offers an excellent quality of life for all residents.

To offer their services, individuals who are interested in volunteering at CESLC over the holidays or any other time of the year are invited to contact Mayer at mayer@ceslc.org or 301.770.8329.