We all know that experience matters. When we choose a physician, we look for an individual who has experience in dealing with our specific needs and requirements. And when it comes to choosing a community for yourself or an older adult you love, you want an organization that is rooted in a history of excellence.

“Simply put, experience matters because you want the best for yourself or an older adult,” says  Brenda L. Rice, Vice President, Operations of Charles E. Smith Life Communities (CESLC), an organization committed to fulfilling Jewish values by honoring older adults and ensuring the dignity of each individual. “For more than a century, Charles E. Smith Life Communities has been nurturing and caring for older adults in our Jewish community and beyond. Our longstanding reputation for exceptional service makes us a magnet organization for the industry’s top professionals, benefiting residents and employees alike.”

We’ve broken down five areas where CESLC excels to showcase why and how our experience provides the best possible care and service to older adults looking for a lifestyle that fulfills, inspires, supports and uplifts.

Why Details Matter?

We believe this time of your life should be absolutely exceptional. At Charles E. Smith Life Communities, older adults can relax and enjoy having all the details taken care of, from onsite physician care to award-winning programming and unsurpassed amenities.

Our campus offers the ease, comfort, and peace of mind that comes from gracious service and unparalleled excellence. Life here is focused on our residents, and we encourage them to set their own schedule, take advantage of the award-winning lifestyle and leisure programming and enjoy life to the fullest. Every detail is considered here, resulting in an award-winning experience that’s second to none.

Our residents enjoy the peace and luxury that comes from their own private, spacious residence. Life here is filled with opportunities, including fulfilling programs to engage with, kosher dining options, and a 24-hour concierge to fulfill your every need. Details like physician services on campus and a personal emergency response system ensure peace of mind for residents and family members alike.

Why Ambiance Matters?

Beautiful surroundings inspire beautiful thoughts, and we believe this is the time in your life to be inspired in every way, shape, and form. The ambiance is a lifestyle and design feature that instantly signals excellence and comfort. Many, if not all, of our residents, have experienced comfortable ambiance throughout their life, and it’s something they expect as they move into this new chapter of life.

Our beautiful, 38-acre campus in Rockville, Maryland provides six unique living options that are designed with ambiance in mind. From designer features to elegantly mapped pathways, to exquisite landscaping and more, the ambiance at Charles E. Smith Life Communities reflects your expectation to create the experiences you desire. Our beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces yield an array of opportunities to gather with friends, enjoy hobbies or slip away for quiet reflection.

Why Taste Matters?

Some of the most enriching experiences in our lives revolve around meals. We understand that dining together is a symbol of community and togetherness and that enjoying an expertly prepared meal is one of the simple joys of life. Since we are located near the bustling urban area of Washington, D.C., we know that our residents crave and have come to expect a dining experience like none other. To that end, we have created dining experiences on our campus that rival what you’d find at a five-star restaurant.

Our dietitian collaborates with our chefs to design healthy, kosher menus that delight the senses and provide a welcome opportunity for residents to spend time together in our restaurant-style dining rooms and café. Whether you’re seeking a quiet meal with close friends, a lively social event with your new community, or traveling the world through your tastebuds, you’ll find experiences to savor at Charles E. Smith Life Communities.

Why Location Matters?

Our campus is located just minutes from the world-class cultural attractions, performance centers, and acclaimed restaurants of Washington, D.C. While there are so many possibilities to enjoy life on campus, we also make it easy for our residents to head into the town they know and love and explore every opportunity available to them. Being located near an urban center means our residents also have the benefit of some of the best medical professionals and healthcare systems in the nation.

Why Values Matter?

Our community came into existence in 1910 when a small group of individuals noticed the need to house, feed and support aging members of the Jewish community. The group formed a small organization and collected funds that were used to board older adult Jewish men and women in private homes. Over the next 100 years, we continued that philosophy of empathetic care that is rooted in Jewish values and tradition.

Honoring our elders and celebrating their lives, histories and stories is part of daily life at Charles E. Smith Life Communities. Every day, we deliver innovative and meaningful services for older adults of all faiths, guided by our Jewish values. Our programs and services are open to all. Respect for the personal choices, beliefs, and dignity of our residents is a fundamental part of our mission, a philosophy exemplified everywhere – from the genuine relationships we form with residents and their families to the lasting contributions we make to the larger community.

“Our more than 100 years of experience have positioned Charles E. Smith Life Communities as a leader in providing innovative, outstanding and enriching lifestyles for our community’s older adults,” says [name]. “It is our privilege to serve. We look forward to introducing you to the possibilities that await on campus for you or your loved one and showing you just why experience matters so much.”