Charles E. Smith Life Communities (CESLC) has a new collaborative programming partnership with Theater J, a nationally-renowned, professional theater that celebrates and explores the Jewish experience and the universal human condition.

As part of the newly founded partnership, 18 residents from CESLC’s independent living residences participate in weekly virtual theater classes led by acclaimed and award-winning theater artists. Theater J is a creative way that CESLC seeks to address and overcome social isolation issues for its residents as a result of COVID-19. The program offers theater engagement classes, which focus on theater from the audience member’s perspective, and artistic participation opportunities, which allow residents to create their own works to perform in the future.

The partnership allows Theater J to use virtual connections to reach theater lovers to help share the connection and spirit of creativity that live theater delivers despite the limitations presented by COVID-19. As the nation’s largest and most prominent Jewish theater, the collaboration with CESLC provides Theater J the opportunity to expand upon its Jewish theatrical tradition even though instructors, participants and audiences are not able to gather in person for a traditional theater experience.

“Theater J’s mission of celebrating the Jewish experience resonates with our community and many residents are eager to learn more about theater,” said Revitz House Executive Director Diane Stern. “This is a wonderful program that enriches residents’ quality of life as they pursue their goal of planning and performing a play for our community in the future.”