Responding to COVID-19

Tributes & Feedback

From Friends, Family and Residents

We welcome you to pay tribute to a loved one, healthcare worker, or anyone else who has been affected by COVID-19, or to leave your feedback.

The Whole Staff at 2 South Smith-Kogod

from Anonymous

Thank you to Esidae, Edith, and the whole support staff on the 2nd floor of Smith-Kogod.

S-K 2E – Rowena, Irene, and Helen

from Terry Steinberg

Thank you so much for everything that you do to help my aunt Arlene! You are very appreciated!

Wasserman 2W staff, esp Esther M, Julia, & Adame

from Terry Steinberg

Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you give my mom, Esther P, You are greatly appreciated

Rabbi Dan Braune-Friedman

from Ruth Kramer

Rabbi Dan is welcoming, caring, warm hearted, knowledgeable, an excellent listener, speaker. etc.

Nursing Staff of S/K 3-East & all HH Nurses

from Diana Talbert's friends

Your devoted care of HH residents merits special appreciation during Nat'l Nurses Week. Thank you!

All the Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ Nurses

from Dr. Carolyn Eichberg

Happy National Nurses Day! GRATITUDE for helping facilitate my mental health work with residents!

Norma in 5N Wasserman

from Linda Benjamin

Your heart to serve with smile is such an assurance that my mom is in great hand! Thank you!

Taiwo, Monica, Rabbi Daniel, Wasserman 4West, Siss

from Barbara Baras Kessel

You have done an exceptional job of caring for our mom, Marion, with kindness and expertise.

Samantha and the Activities Staff

from Barbara Hihn

Thank you so much for assisting my mom with Virtual Calls and Window Visits!

from Anonymous

Wasserman 5 North Staff

from Nina Gass

Thank you so much for your endless devoted care of our mother, Opal H. It means so much us!

Landow Team & SmithLife Caregivers

from Naomi's four daughters

GRATITUDE for the compassionate & collaborative care of our mother. You are our extended family!

Sissako and Taiwo and Wasserman 4west team

from Barbara Baras Kessel

You guys rock! It means so much to know my mom is cared for. Happy New Year.

from Anonymous


from Alan Freeman

We cannot thank you enough for your selfless dedication to our residents. Thank you!

Robin Settles

from Anonymous

Thank you for all your hard effort helping to guard the SK desk. You're keeping us safe and secure!

Rabbah Arlene Berger

from Ruth Kramer

I truly enjoy you Friday evening Shabbat Services on our Touchtown TV at Revitz.

Nancy and Betty in Smith-Kogod

from Stan's three daughters

Thanks so much for taking good care of everyone especially our sometimes stubborn but loved daddy.

Staff on Wasserman 4 North

from Barbara Hihn

Thanks so much for taking great care of my mom during this unprecedented time. You are amazing!

Raisa on the Activities Staff

from Anonymous

Her walks with you outside are the highlight of our loved one's week. Thank you for caring, Raisa!

Rosalyn Abayomi & her SK 3-East staff

from Mimi B.

Endlessly grateful for your devoted care of our friend, we salute your dedication and big hearts.

from Anonymous


from Kathy Shinaberry

He is so thoughtful - he let us facetime mom. It was so nice to just make sure she is ok.

Staff at 2-South Smith-Kogod

from Sidney B. family

Thank you for your loving care of the residents.When we count our blessings, we include all of you!

Samantha (FaceTime Call) – 4th Floor Wasserman

from Family of Gilda B.

Thank you for going the extra mile so our Mom, Grandma, GGG could chat with us.

Cathy Tricquet

from Rabbi Dan

Cathy has been terrific at helping connect our residents to religious programs via touchtown.

3 East Staff

from Majerowicz family

Thanks for being the angels taking care of our mother during these hard times for all

3 East Staff

from Anita Koenigsberg & family

Heartfelt thanks for your dedication, hard work, support, and compassion during this difficult time.

The Staff at Wasserman

from Anonymous

Thank you to the staff and everyone involved. You have done a great job.

Sissako & Taiwo (4 West)

from Family of Jesse J.

Sissako is AMAZING! She's ALWAYS responsive. Taiwo walked us through each step & what to expect. TY!

4 North Folks!

from Kathy Shinaberry

Thank you thank thank you! You know me when I call, you make sure I can talk to mom. You are angels

Marva, Rugie and all the staff at 5N Wasserman

from Linda B.

SO grateful for your dedication and love to serve my mom, Soonja! You all deserve a raise!!

from Anonymous

Deanna Z & Ring House staff

from Bari Brown

Much gratitude for your strength & commitment to every resident. Thank you for caring!

Jamie Cooper

from Bari Brown/Itscoitz

Thank you for helping our loved ones during a terrible time. Your great attitude works wonders!

Debra, Claudine, Helen, Seth, Catherine Hungerford

from Denisov family

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
You are our heroes. Blessing to all of you!

from Anonymous

Taiwo Olaleye & all the Wasserman 4th Floor Team

from Kathy

THANK YOU for good care you give to Mary Anne & for your kind helpfulness to me! You are our Heroes!

Virtual Visit Team

from Kathy

Many, many thanks to all who help me to connect with Mary Anne on Skype each week! You are heroes!

Beverly James front desk manager

from Ruth Kramer

is soo helpful, friendly, attentive, effecient,etc. etc. She treats everyone with heart

Dining Room Staff

from Ruth Kramer

Dining room Staff members r very thoughtful & deliver our meals with a smile &cheerful greeting.

Janet Karbo

from Kathy

BIG Shout Out of Thanks to Janet for helping Mary today with our 1st Window Visit!

Virtual Visits – 4th floor Wasserman

from Fran and Harrison Goldman

We live in Texas. You help us speak and see our Mother/Mother in-law once per month. Thanks !!!


from Ruth Kramer

It'a easy 2 C that Cathy loves her job & her people. She's smart, kind, fun, & has solutions

Jamie Cooper

from Marla Phillips

ROCK-ON Girlfriend!

Staff at Landow House and Cohen-Rosen

from Marla Phillips

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to keep the residents safe and healthy!

from Anonymous

Diane Stern

from Diane Carroad

Diane Stern has shown phenomenal leadership and compassion during this time. Thank you and kudos!

Mariama – 4N

from Judi Littman

Thank you for your dedication to your job and keeping us updated regarding my mother's care.

Diane Stern and the Staff of Revitz House

from Paul Frieden

I am beyond thankful for the extraordinary job done by the Revitz staff keeping all residents safe.

from Anonymous

Marva Rodgers and Staff of 5 N

from Family of Ernest Janssen

We are deeply grateful for the loving care and kindnesses given to Ernest Janssen.

To the entire Revitz House Staff

from Ron Kubitz

Thanks for the wonderful job that all have been doing to beat COVID and ensure the safety of my mom!


from Anonymous

Everyone has been so kind, helpful and caring. I am so grateful for your big hearts and courage!

Diane Stern and Revitz House Team

from Sherry Scheinman

Thank you for keeping the Revitz House residents safe and cared for

from Anonymous

Kathy, Activities Director, Revitz House

from Sherry Scheinman

Thank you for making each resident you engage with feel special and valued.

Kristin, Occupational Therapist at Revitz House

from Sherry Scheinman

You are a miracle worker who integrates a lot of heart into the great work you do

The staff at Cohen Rosen

from Al Bauman

We value the exceptional care and love you provide at a difficult time. Kudos and blessings to all.

from Anonymous


from Maria Leon family

Adolphus, Anne, Vitorin, Donna THANK YOU!!! for your dedication and hard work caring for our mother.

Deanna, the Ring House staff, + Christiana @ Hirsh

from Lisa Schoenthaler

Thank you for everything you are doing to provide loving care to your residents and their families!

Covid Unit Staff at Smith Kogod building

from The Shen family

You are our heroes because when everyone else walked away, you walked in! Thank you❤️

Smith-Kogod Staff

from Terry Steinberg

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my aunt & for your hard work!!

Jamie Cooper

from Michelle Stravitz

Jamie Cooper is incredible! So enthusiastic, so caring, so attentive to my parents! thank you!

from Anonymous

All CESLC Team Members

from Terri Tanner-Hill

Thank you for inspiring and motivating me every day. You are "Simply the Best"!

Staff at Revitz House

from Barbara J Salkin

There are not enough accolades to praise Diane Stern and the staff At Revitz House.

from Anonymous

Revitz House Staff

from Sue Longman

We are SO grateful for all that you do to keep our loved ones safe. There are not enough words...

Edith, Veronica, Hirut, Nancy + all on S-K 2 South

from Sidney B. family

THANK YOU for taking care of our Dad, Grandfather, Uncle, Great Uncle and brother-in-law!!!

Ring House Staff

from Michelle Stravitz

THANK YOU for everything you are doing to keep our families safe and comfortable! We appreciate you!

Karen Speight

from Roberta Robbins

We can't thank you enough for the patience, help and support you give to my mom!!!

from Anonymous


from Judi Littman

Can't thank you enough for all you are doing for our mom. We appreciate it so much!!

Chavanne Wallace

from Judi Littman

You are a true treasure and angel. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for all you do!!!

4 N staff

from Judi Littman

Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work. You are wonderful and appreciated!!

from Anonymous

Jamie Cooper @ Ring House

from Lisa Schoenthaler

Thank you for helping our mom virtually attend her granddaughter's wedding this weekend!

Caitlin Midkiff-nurse @ Smithlife Homecare

from Kathleen McGuinness

Amazing and compassionate care of Zuckerman family in Ring House in time of need. Above and Beyond

Ring House Staff

from Ariela Weisenberg

Thank you for keeping my mother Nachama & all the residents safe during this critical period!

from Anonymous

4W Staff – Wasserman

from Vivian/Brenda

Thank you for all that you are doing to take care of our mom Rachel.

Wasserman 4 North Staff

from Shelly Finkel

Thx for all you do! Esp- Jula, Winsom, Leona, Patrick, Eric, Murray, Shivan, Dorika & Genevieve!

from Anonymous

Ken Williams

from Fran G.

Thank you for delivering our "Mother's Day Greetings" photo book from our family. Above & beyond!!!

Deanna and Ring House Team

from Anonymous

We are deeply grateful for your continued hard work, diligence to safety and positive spirit!

Recreation Therapy Team

from Anonymous

Thank you for all the virtual visit calls you are making to provide peace of mind to families!

from Anonymous

4 North Staff

from Kathy Shinaberry

Thank you so much for showing up everyday, for helping me when I call, for taking care of mom.

All CESLC Staff

from Jane Rosov

With heartfelt thanks and great appreciation for all you're doing for the residents' well being.

Ken – who helped deliver a package to my Mother

from Anonymous

You took the time to bring a photo book to my mother's room in Wasserman, fifth floor. Thank you

from Anonymous

Monica Mayer

from Sandra

Thank you for making Face- Time calls with Friends and Family possible.


from Gail

We appreciate everything you are doing to engage our family members & keep them safe-thanks so much!

from Anonymous

Nurses and CNAs on South in Smith-Kogod

from Linda Kav

Acknowledging appreciation for staff on 2 South- Smith-Kogod caring for our loved ones.

Staff at CESLC

from Anonymous

Keep up your excellent work. Now, more than ever, you are so very appreciated.

Landow & Cohen-Rosen Houses

from Marla Phillips

Thank you for all you do each & everyday to make sure our loved ones are always loved & cared for.

from Anonymous

All staff

from Anonymous

I just want to acknowledge all staff for their hard work during this time. I appreciate all of you.

Ring, Landow, C-R and “across the street”

from Suzanne K.

Food service!! Maint.!! Housekpng!! Activities and ALL other staff - you are all wonderful!

SK 1 East

from Curtis Rimmey

My prayers go out to all of the residents and the staff during this very difficult period.

from Anonymous

Nurses at Wasserman

from Anonymous

Thank you for making so many sacrifices for the residents!!

To all staff

from Anonymous

I appreciate everyone who is toiling away to protect the residents and making it a safer place!


from Jerry Isadore Smulowitz


SK 1E Team

from Elyse Carter

Thank you for your love & dedication to our family members! You are family too. Stay safe & well.

SK 2South

from The McConnell Family

Thankful for the dedication and care of our loved ones in 2South. We pray for your strength.

from Anonymous

In Memory

from Bruce J. Lederman

We remember those lost to the virus and extend our deepest sympathies to their families and friends.

SK 3 South Team

from Boles & Givot Family

We are SO grateful all of your love and care! You are in our prayers daily. THANK YOU!

from Anonymous

The CESLC Team

from Bruce J. Lederman

Thank you for living our Mission and Values every day!

Hebrew Home of Greater Washington

from Anonymous

I hope you stay safe and healthy. Thinking of you at this time.

from Anonymous

Landow House staff

from Sid

We are thankful for you and appreciate the help you give us.

Hebrew Home

from Anonymous

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for working so hard in this time of crisis.

from Anonymous


from Anonymous

We are so grateful for all of your hard work. Thank you!


from Mollee

I am so proud of your work during this difficult time. I am proud of every member of the CESLC team.

Front-line nurses

from Pablo and Helen

We greatly appreciate the work you and everybody does to keep us safe.

from Anonymous

Hebrew Home of Greater Washington

from Noah and Eden

Sending love to the residents and their amazing caretakers.

To Kelly and all of your staff

from Anonymous

You are the true warriors of this building. Thank You.

from Anonymous

Landow House staff

from Jim

The staff has gone above and beyond during these difficult times. Thank you.


from Anonymous

Thinking of you. We support you during this difficult time.

from Anonymous