Guardian Campaign

This year, the Guardian Campaign celebrates its 65th anniversary. Founded in 1958 and led by generations of volunteers, the Guardian Campaign continues to raise vital funds for Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ service to thousands of older adults and their families.

The logo for the guardian campaign since 1958.Donors to the annual Guardian Campaign are part of a legacy of individuals, families and businesses who ensure that older adults in our community are provided with choices and opportunities to live full and meaningful lives, with respect and dignity, in a Jewish setting.

Your support provides us with the necessary resources to foster healthy aging because:

  1. We provide residents with outstanding medical care and services and living options that best meet their needs, all on one campus.
  2. Nearly three-quarters of Hebrew Home residents rely on Medicaid to cover the cost of care, and government reimbursement does not come close to covering the full cost of quality care.
  3. We do not receive annual allocations from the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington; we rely on direct support from community members like you to fulfill our mission. 

Thank you for your generous support!