CESLC started an intergenerational pilot program that pairs the residents of Ring House with teens from area high schools. With its first meeting in February being a resounding success, the Link Generations Program is another way in which CESLC enhances lives by connecting residents with the greater community.

The premise of the Link Generations Program is simple: residents of Ring House meet with students who are still in their high school years to learn about each other. The resulting exchange benefits both generations, as the older participants are able to relate their hard-earned wisdom to younger generations, while the students keep the residents informed on the latest trends in society and the issues facing young people today.

Each of the teen participants also receives direct, hands-on training that will assist them with future careers. As Link Generations Program director Lori Marks notes, “As part of the program, students are trained in basic principles of adult development and aging as well as best practices for working with older adults.”

Link Generations Program is open to expansion for Ring House residents. There is already interest from families of new residents who think their family members would enjoy attending future meetings. Planned for early March, a theme has already been settled on for the next Link Generations Program event by the participants of the kickoff meeting: ‘Music Through the Ages’

For more on the benefits of living in Ring House, area families are invited to contact 301-816-5023. To learn more about the Link Generations Program, contact Lori Marks at lori@linkgenerations.org.