After experiencing a fall that left him immobile, Donald Smythe-Macaulay arrived at the Post-Acute Care Center (PACC) at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington and began his rehabilitation journey. Kalai Sambasivam, a physical therapist, and Elexa WaughQuasebarth, an occupational therapist, worked together to develop a plan that would improve Smythe-Macaulay’s range of motion. His care team also included occupational therapists and geriatric nursing assistants who ensured he had the support he needed to attend each of his therapy sessions.

Soon after making incredible progress, Smythe-Macaulay suffered a major setback due to a car accident.

“It was a terrible feeling to lose all the progress I had made,” he said. “But once I returned to Hebrew Home I knew I would stand and walk again.”

Without hesitation, the team at the Post-Acute Care Center provided the medical expertise Smythe-Macaulay needed to regain his independence. He has worked with a PACC physical therapist to improve his mobility.

“When we first met, his knee was still very stiff and this held his mobility back. We started with a lot of stretching and joint mobility exercises and encouraging him to simply move more,” his physical therapist said.

Smythe-Macaulay has continued to work with the team and made incredible progress.

“I took a few steps on my own and everyone started clapping. It was a wonderful feeling,” he said.

When it comes to recovery, experience and comfort go hand in hand at the Post-Acute Care Center at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. Find out how CESLC supports patients’ well-being and their journey to return home.