When moving to a senior living community, what does your faith begin to look like? Will your faith change? Will your faith and spirituality get even stronger? Will your focus on spirituality shift?

For many older adults, these are common questions they face, and the good news is, the answer will be whatever each person would like it to be.

According to Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman, director of spiritual life and senior rabbi at Charles E. Smith Life Communities in Rockville, Maryland, a range of opportunities are provided to ensure residents are able to keep up with their faith.

“We have various religious services for Protestant Christians, Catholics, and Jewish people. We also have a pastoral care program,” he shares. “This allows our residents to process how their spiritual life is affected by their stay with us.”

Considering Faith and Spirituality When Choosing Senior Living

If faith is important to you, it should play a main role in helping you choose your senior living community. When touring communities:

  • Evaluate their faith-based programs.
  • Determine whether their options reflect your faith; for example, if they are a Jewish senior living community or your own specific religion.
  • Consider the proximity to your current worship venues.
  • Sample their own onsite spiritual offerings, worship services, religious studies and programs.
  • Chat with residents to hear more about spiritual care options.

These aspects will build the foundation of the retirement lifestyle you’ve been looking for while providing important benefits.

The Importance of Faith and Spirituality

Before diving into what practicing your faith may look like in a senior living community, we first need to understand the benefits faith and spirituality provide older adults.

For one, spirituality brings older adults a sense of purpose. Whether they are volunteering or leading programs, it gives them a mission while helping them get involved. This also helps them meet new people, increases their positivity, and improves their overall wellness.

Practicing Your Faith in Senior Living

When it comes to religion and spirituality, practicing your faith is easier than ever in senior living. At Charles E. Smith Life Communities specifically, we may base our senior living lifestyle around our Jewish values and roots, but we also provide options for those of other religions. This ensures everyone is able to practice according to their beliefs or experience something new.

If you’re searching for a senior living option based around your faith and spirituality, or if you’re looking to remain involved while broadening your horizons even further, consider some of these ideas.

Stay True to Your Roots or Try Something New

Whether you have an established faith or religion or are still searching for what fulfills you, it’s a great time to learn more about other options. Not only will this expand your knowledge and provide opportunities for lifelong learning, but it may even enhance your own established faith with brand-new opportunities. Consider some of these:

  • Either continue your practice at your established location or try out the community’s offerings.
  • Participate in a new friend’s religious practice.
  • Find a spiritual practice that resonates with you.
  • Practice with other residents and your families.

Be Open to Experiences Within the Community

If you’ve chosen a faith-based community, there are likely many different programs and events to enjoy. At Charles E. Smith Life Communities, we host a range of faith-based programs, including:

  • Jewish arts and culture and religious discussions.
  • Events that increase knowledge about Kosher dining and Jewish traditions.
  • Religious services, seders and holiday traditions.
  • Jewish scholar series that engage our residents in their faith on an intellectual and emotional level.

Give Back and Find New Ways to Practice Your Faith

If you have found your practices have changed after moving to a senior living community, there are always ways to adapt. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Join others to practice and study your faith.
  • Involve other generations, sharing your traditions.
  • Create new traditions, if your beloved favorites have changed.
  • Consider volunteering.
  • Lead a study or class.

Supporting Older Adults in Practicing Their Faith

To learn more about Charles E. Smith Life Communities or to experience how our residents enhance their faith and spirituality each day, schedule a visit! We’d be happy to share more about our lifestyle, faith practices and more.

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