The smell of change is in the air.

Traditionally, the senior living industry has used a care-first approach, with the physical body considered the center of all care needs. More traditional care plans assess your progress by looking at your physical health. Physical health is linked to the quality of life while emotional health takes a back seat. 

However, these days it’s not uncommon to see an emphasis on intellectual wellness. In fact, the International Council on Active Aging predicts that 60% of senior living communities in 2023 will be based on wellness. This highlights a critical conclusion: Keeping your mind in good shape is just as important as staying physically active. 

In the end, you should choose behavior that encourages and improves your intellectual well-being. Do you wonder where and how you might start? Or maybe what that looks like?

Read on to find out how gaining a deeper understanding of intellectual wellness can boost your overall well-being.

Our Favorite Ways To Keep the Mind Active

You should find a senior living community that can empower your older loved ones in exactly the ways they need, no matter their circumstances. When it comes to mental health, staying interested and engaged should be a top priority for any senior but especially so for those with memory care needs. 

Charles E. Smith Life Communities is set up for just that. Our community provides a comfortable, carefree environment where your loved ones can enjoy their retirement while engaging in leisure programs that stave off cognitive decline. Always pay attention to how a community interacts with assisted living and memory care residents. This gives you a good idea of whether communities prioritize increasing intellectual wellness in their residents.

We offer numerous amenities to promote and enrich intellectual wellness in seniors, aligned with the general outline of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This includes stimulating mental programs such as art classes and courses to learn new knowledge and skills. Maybe your loved ones have always talked about learning a new language or taking up an instrument.

Regardless of your elder’s required levels of care, our full spectrum of services enables them to reach a quality of life thought unlikely in senior living. In combination with a physical care plan, an amenities list featuring perks that foster intellectual wellness should be your top priority.

How Charles E. Smith Life Communities Are Here for You

The Charles E. Smith Life Communities network of houses has been caring for older adults since 1910. We offer a full suite of care services, including independent living, assisted living, memory care and long-term care. We invite you to schedule a tour and meet our award-winning team.