During the presentation, the author discussed strategies that dementia care professionals use in their daily care.

speaker and author Jennifer L. FitzPatrick

Key Takeaways

Fitzgerald talked about some strategies that are important to remember when caring for a loved one suffering dementia:

* Validate and acknowledge your loved one’s feelings, whether you agree with them or not.

* Use therapeutic fibbing when it benefits the person with dementia. Therapeutic fibbing is a technique where telling a white lie is acceptable to decrease the anxiety of a dementia patient is acceptable.

* Share these techniques with the family and friends of the person being cared for. These techniques reduce anxiety for everyone. Letting go of the need to “correct” the person with memory loss, or “tell the truth” will allow everyone to enjoy positive interactions with each other.

Memory Care at CESLC

This Remember This series event, which is sponsored by the Hurwitz Lecture Fund, was held at CESLC’s Landow House. Landow House is an assisted living facility located in the same campus as CESLC’s Cohen-Rosen House, which focuses on advanced memory care assisted living.

“We are thankful that all of you are so responsive to us and accessible,” says the son of a Landow House resident.  “Knowing that our parents are in your care gives us all great comfort and peace of mind.”

Featuring nurses and geriatric nursing assistants and providing 24-hour care, the combined Landow and Cohen-Rosen House campus received a deficiency free survey this year from the state of Maryland due to its outstanding staff and available treatment options. Able to provide cutting-edge memory care services, Landow and Cohen-Rosen House is one of the many reasons why CESLC consistently receives a high number of votes for Bethesda Magazine’s ‘Best Senior Living Community’ award.

“What truly makes Cohen-Rosen House a loving Jewish home is the people,” said another family member. “Every person I have met from the enthusiastic, caring administrators to the doctors, therapists, nursing staff, to every aide, maintenance worker, and cleaning crew treats the residents with kindness, courtesy, and respect.”