The Teaching Kitchen tasting program

At Charles E. Smith Life Communities our on-site dietitians collaborate with our chefs to design healthy, kosher menus that our residents enjoy. CESLC’s chefs use an interactive tasting program called The Teaching Kitchen as an opportunity to educate residents about aspects of their dining experience—from kitchen to table. With the help of our dining services team, this program allows CESLC’s chefs, like Susan Seykoski, to host tastings across campus.

“Teaching kitchen is important because it gives residents the opportunity to recall the social role that food plays,” said Carolyn Arbuckle, CESLC’s dietician. “These learning sessions bring residents together and invite them to bring their unique experiences in the kitchen to the dinner table.”

“The Teaching Kitchen is interesting,” said Shirley C., one resident at Ring House. “I really appreciate the selection.”

During the most recent tasting at Ring House, residents focused on the importance and benefits of seafood in a diet. Not only did residents learn how to make their own spice rub, seared salmon and avocado salsa, but they also learned that consuming two servings of fish each week is important for maintaining cardiovascular health thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.

The Teaching Kitchen previously visited Wasserman Residence where residents learned about each sensation of taste and discussed how smell, touch and sound play a role in creating flavor.