We’ve all confronted the challenges of COVID-19 over the last couple of years. Each of us has had to rethink business as usual to protect ourselves, our friends and our family. This is no different at Charles E. Smith Life Communities in Rockville, MD

We’ve pivoted numerous times in order to maintain the quality of our care and the appeal of our life-enrichment services, and we’re better for it! Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of senior living since COVID-19.

Measures We Took to Maintain Our Resident’s Health

Proactive leadership and a willingness to respond to new challenges led the charge on modifications and improvements during this difficult time. Our priority was meeting residents’ needs and maintaining the excellence of our services. 

Here are some examples of the ways we adapted to residents’ changing needs during the pandemic.   

We Offered Strategic Telehealth 

In the spring of 2020, we extended our medical care to include telehealth capabilities, allowing residents to access their CESLC physician, or other specialty care providers, without the risk of direct contact

“Telehealth was an important strategy to protect older adults,” said Brenda Rice, Vice President, Operations for Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. “It facilitated consultations with medical providers and assured continuity of care at a time when social distancing was such an important safety consideration.”

We Stayed Social While Maintaining Social Distance

While COVID-19 restrictions limited the modes of our interactions, we embraced new ways of connecting. In doing so, we found new and more accessible platforms for socialization and entertainment. 

To stay social while maintaining social distance we:

  • Scheduled virtual visits with family and friends
  • Offered daily, small group life-enrichment programs
  • Kept outdoor spaces open for visits
  • Provided indoor visitation booths

Our Continued Commitment to Your Well-Being 

As a resident of Charles E. Smith Life Communities, you do not have to worry about being isolated or missing out if there is another quarantine. You will still have access to entertainment and essential medical care, and you’ll have access to safe, socially-distanced experiences with peers. We also continue to provide virtual activities, maintain our standards of cleanliness and screen for illness. 

We Still Offer Virtual Social Options 

We offer in-person and virtual options for our lifestyle and leisure programs so that residents can stay physically active and socially connected. Whether you’re in quarantine or would just rather participate from the comfort of your home, you can still join in everyday community experiences. 

Here are a few of the most popular virtual activities available to every resident via in-house TV programming:

  • Cooking shows  
  • Daily Noon News
  • Educational lectures 
  • Religious services
  • Live music 
  • Movies
  • Fitness classes
  • Celebrations with family members, friends or loved ones

Our ingenuity and willingness to shift during this crisis have increased resident access to our lifestyle features. Our new offerings have enhanced residents’ quality of life and peace of mind.  

We Maintain Our Elevated Standards of Cleanliness

With the added threat of COVID-19, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to cleanliness and sanitation.

In response to the pandemic, CESLC earned its COVID-19 Disinfectant Awareness Certificate from the Cornerstone Training Institute. When our staff visits your home for regular home maintenance and housekeeping, they come with this enhanced knowledge of effective disinfection methods. 

Additionally, we use EPA and CDC-approved disinfectants to frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces throughout our buildings and keep sanitizing gels in all common areas.

We Continue Screenings and Encourage Vaccinations

When residents move into our community, they are required to have a negative COVID-19 test and complete a 14-day quarantine unless vaccinated.   We also perform health screenings and temperature checks to everyone who enters our residences. 

CESLC maintains a high vaccination rate in our senior community, in part because we made vaccines so conveniently accessible to all residents and staff with our vaccine clinics in Rockville, Maryland

Charles E. Smith Life Communities Is Here for You

Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ network of residences has been caring for older adults since 1910. We offer a full suite of care services, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, post-acute care and long-term care. We invite you to schedule a tour and meet our award-winning team.