No matter how young or old we are, we want to be in control of our lives and our decisions. We also want to live the best lifestyle for us – full of opportunities to stay well, be, and age well. In other words, this time of your life should be absolutely exceptional – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Charles E. Smith Life Communities.

Our community is designed to help older adults remain independent with our award-winning support and services. Residents can relax and enjoy having all the details taken care of, from onsite physician care to lifestyle and leisure programming and unparalleled amenities.

Our campus offers the comfort, ease, and peace of mind that comes from exceptional service and high-level excellence. Life at Charles E. Smith Life Communities is focused on residents, and we encourage them to design the lifestyle they want by setting their schedules, taking advantage of our programming and events, and enjoying life to the fullest with everything we have to offer. We consider every detail in our community – which results in an award-winning lifestyle.

Our residents enjoy the luxury and peace that comes from living in their own private apartment home while also enjoying all the opportunities available on our campus. As a resident, you’ll enjoy lifestyle and leisure programming, kosher meal options, and an around-the-clock concierge service that fulfills your every need. Details like personal emergency response systems and onsite physician services ensure that peace of mind is a standard option for family members and residents alike.

Independence … Through Ambiance.

Beautiful thoughts are inspired by beautiful surroundings, which is why the ambiance at our community is designed to help inspire independence and happiness in every shape, way, and form. The lifestyle that residents enjoy instantly signals comfort and excellence as soon as they set foot on our campus. Many of our residents say they wish they had moved to our community sooner to enjoy the ambiance and feel of our community in this chapter of life!

Our gorgeous 38-acre campus in Rockville, Maryland provides a variety of unique living options that are designed to promote independence, no matter what your health needs are. From elegantly mapped pathways to designer features to spectacular landscaping and more, the ambiance at Charles E. Smith Life Communities reflects your desire to enjoy life to the highest level. Our intriguing, classically designed spaces provide so many ways to enjoy hobbies, gather with friends, or reflect in quiet and solitude.

Independence … Through Taste.

Dining and meals are some of the most enriching experiences in our lives. Breaking bread together is a symbol of togetherness and community, which is why a restaurant-quality meal can be a simple yet complex joy of life. As we are close to Washington, D.C. and all its cultural influences, we understand that residents desire and crave a dining experience that is as delicious and unique as it is nutritious. That’s why the dining experiences you’ll discover at CESLC rival what you’d find at a five-star restaurant.

Our entire culinary team is focused on providing optimal health and well-being to residents so they can feel and be well … allowing them to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. Our onsite dietitian collaborates with our restaurant team to design kosher, delicious, and healthy menus that meet residents’ nutritional needs and also provide opportunities for community and caring. Every meal is truly an experience to savor.

Independence … Through Location.

Being located near a hub of culture, taste, and class makes independence that much easier and enjoyable. CESLC is located near Washington DC, making it easy for residents to access the acclaimed dining, performance centers, and cultural attractions of our nation’s capital. Sure, we provide plenty of opportunities to live life to the fullest on our campus, but we also make it easy as pie for residents to explore all the opportunities of the community in which they live.

Independence … Through Jewish Values.

Our community was founded in 1910 when a core group recognized the need to feed, support, house, and uplift older members of the Jewish community. That small organization and mission developed into a philosophy of empathetic care that has been rooted in Jewish tradition and values for the past 100 years. 

Independence … Through Making the Most of Each Day.

All of us want the same things out of life, no matter how old or young we are.

As Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Charles E. Smith Life Communities, I am proud and honored to play a part in creating a community where residents live healthy, independent lifestyles no matter how their health needs might fluctuate. Experience matters when it comes to providing the best possible support for our elders, and that is what we strive to accomplish each day.

Our independent lifestyle stems from our century-old mission, vision, and rich tradition to provide compassionate care and meaningful life experiences to provide our elders with dignity and empathy that’s rooted in our Jewish values. It’s a philosophy exemplified throughout our community, from the deep and caring relationships we form with residents and their families to the lasting contributions we make to our community at large.

At Charles E. Smith Life Communities, we provide so many ways to embrace health, wellness, and independence for residents. From a focus on health and wellness, through a range of services that allow residents to retain their individuality and independence while receiving enhanced services that are attentive to their changing needs – we’re reinventing the way that independence is viewed for our community as well as the senior living establishment at large.

We understand that life shouldn’t just be experienced – it should be lived to the fullest. That means providing residents with independence and the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of life, from physical wellness to lifelong learning to enrichment programs and more. Charles E. Smith Life Communities focuses on independence in the Jewish tradition to provide a well-lived life for all who choose us as their home.