By Deanna Ziemba, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

I can remember when I first entered the senior living and healthcare industry. One of the reasons I had known this would be such a good fit was because I was able to surround myself with empowering and dedicated caregivers, as well as an enriching community of residents. I would wake up every morning knowing I would be able to foster a nurturing environment for older adults and their families.

As you take a step back this new year to reflect on what is important to you and your loved ones, sit with your thoughts and connect with what you are searching for regarding a life-enriching retirement residence. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to put your health, interests, and support needs first when transitioning into this next stage of your life.

To properly evaluate if you are ready for the healthcare services a senior living lifestyle residence can offer you, I have accumulated a list of areas to consider in your independence and how those tasks and traits could either be elevated or how those problem areas could be eliminated. We at Charles E. Smith Life Communities  (CESLC) know that Experience Matters.

Who Is Going to Salt the Sidewalks?

As we venture into the colder months, I, as well as many others around my block, have to take part in some dreadful and somewhat dangerous wintertime chores. One of my least favorite mandatory jobs is shoveling. Not only does this take excessive strength that my fitness routine has not provided, but it also can include some treacherous areas where I worry about falling. Luckily, I can get the job done with some minimal slips. What I worry about, however, is how the older adults in my community manage their sidewalks and driveways.

As my thoughts wander, I consider the life-changing benefits CESLC provides those we serve. Based on the level of support you wish to receive, we take on many of the riskier chores involved in homeownership. We are proud to help whenever it is needed, and this includes salting the sidewalks.

It’s Better To Be One Year Early Than Five Years Late

My motto is: Always be early. Whether that is a meeting, hair appointment, or in pandemic times, a Zoom meeting, I know timing is everything. This is the same mindset I have when it comes to becoming aware of the level of healthcare service you or a loved one may need. As we use the new year to consider our current health state, take a chance to see if the leisure programs and recreation we have to offer may be something you would like to take advantage of sooner rather than later.

We are honored to offer independent living residences that offer flexibility to shape your day around the things that are important to you. This unique style of living is considered a Home Without the Hassle. We want those we serve to have the unique opportunity to request the level of independence they would like. This means that it truly is never too early to consider the transition.

Rejuvenate Your Social Life

After working for CESLC, I have realized that mental health and emotional wellness are integral to a positive attitude within the senior living community. I also know that one of the most effective ways to boost the mood of one of those we serve is through our community-based, life-enrichment programs. These experiences are centered around social conversations and encourage residents to meet those with like-minded interests and hobbies. If you feel as though your friends are no longer around you or able to collaborate on the same hobbies as you once loved, look into our events calendar and see what a senior living community can offer you.

Everyday Tasks Filled with Joy Instead of Hassle

In my free time outside the office, I love driving to the local coffee shop here in Rockville. Having some alone time with my thoughts and being surrounded by the buzz of our local community really fuels my soul in a way not many other plans can.

If you feel as though those little everyday tasks, like getting your nails done, are almost more work than they are worth, this may be a sign that you are not surrounded by the adequate support you need. There should never be the mentality that you are a burden to a loved one for wanting to experience life, and here at CESLC, we ensure that is never the case.

Be Picky and Don’t Settle

I am so proud to be able to say I work for CESLC, with the main reason being we do not do anything halfheartedly. My team and I are honored to provide those we serve 100 percent with our love, support, and respect. If, after reviewing our indicators above, you think senior living may be an apparent next step, I want to reiterate that your community should be able to check every box on your wish list.

Keep in mind, there is no rush to finding the perfect senior living community. We know this can be an exhaustive process and want to help in any way we can. Part of the true essence at CESLC is to reduce outside or unnecessary stress. If any questions may have arisen as you read through our list today, please give us a call at 301-304-4810. A member of my team will always be ready to take your questions and concerns with a smile on their face.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy 2021.