When it comes to aging gracefully, conventional wisdom has taught us to eat well, get enough sleep, and tune in to how our bodies feel.

But more and more, experts and physicians include a rich and engaged social life as another important element of total body health. Research shows retirement is an ideal time to connect with others, forming new relationships with peers and neighbors. Other studies show many seniors suffer from loneliness.

Moving to a senior living community means social activities can take center stage in your life again. In fact, with the right senior living option, you can engage with new people more easily than if you were living at home alone or with a partner.

How Isolation Happens

Most adults don’t intentionally isolate themselves. But many who feel isolation do lack the resources to help themselves. Because the process is gradual, spotting the signs of social disconnect in independent adults is challenging. This can be even more true for seniors.

In addition to moving away from friends, losing partners, declining to drive as much, or simply finding fewer opportunities to socialize, loneliness can come from circumstances outside of one’s control. Some seniors will be less inclined to leave their homes if they have fewer opportunities for socializing.

How a Senior Living Community Can Help

This is where Charles E. Smith Life Communities comes in. In all our residences, having neighbors close by makes it easy to form new friendships. In addition, because a senior living community is designed to foster connections through event calendars and communal dining, there are plenty of opportunities for engaging conversation and socialization.

With well-designed layouts and diverse social programming, there’s always a fun way to visit with friends. Our residences also offer a variety of amenities that help residents socialize and meet new people, including fitness centers, gardens, lifelong learning opportunities, and more.

If you’re interested in the kind of independent living apartment that can give you access to residences with all those amenities, look no further than our selection of floor plans.

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Charles E. Smith Life Communities Is Here for You.

Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ network of residences has been caring for older adults since 1910. We offer a full selection of senior housing options, including independent living and other levels of care services like assisted living, memory care, post-acute care and long-term care.

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