Many seniors want to transition into a more carefree, convenient lifestyle that still allows them the independence they value. Independent living residences like Ring House and Revitz House at Charles E. Smith Life Communities provide just that. Here, residents are offered essential services that maintain and support their autonomy.

“The distinctions between types of senior living communities are often misunderstood,” says Simone Brock, Executive Director of Ring House. “Many older adults would benefit from understanding the tremendous value of independent living communities. Independent living is for active seniors who want to set aside household responsibilities to engage in a dynamic community that will improve their quality of life.”

Keep reading to learn the numerous advantages of an independent living community and how you could benefit from moving sooner rather than later.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living has many names. It is sometimes referred to as a retirement community, 55+ community, or active adult community. No matter what it’s called, it is describing senior living that facilitates an active social and recreational lifestyle for older adults with the added convenience of services like house cleaning, 24-hour concierge services, and transportation services. There are numerous types of independent living residences, and they’re often equipped with personal emergency response systems for residents’ safety.

Independent living communities are not focused on providing medical care services or assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and grooming. Instead, they provide a carefree lifestyle for independent older adults. While residents of Ring House and Revitz House have access to the Charles E. Smith continuum of care if their needs change, this is not always the case at other independent living residences.

Embrace a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, and making repairs to your home are not how you want to spend your retirement. Not to mention, as you age, these sorts of duties become increasingly difficult. Some are even dangerous for you to continue doing on your own. Being able to hand these responsibilities off to someone else is a compelling reason to transition into senior living earlier than you may have anticipated.

Residents of Ring House, one of the independent living neighborhoods at Charles E. Smith Life Communities, don’t have to worry about keeping up with house repairs, shoveling their driveway, or manicuring their lawn. Associates provide services like these so you can take advantage of the many social and recreational opportunities available at the community and around town.

Immerse Yourself in Social Opportunities

Socialization has an exceptionally positive effect on seniors, and when older adults enter independent living earlier, they often avoid the common risks of loneliness and isolation in their retirement years.

The benefits of social engagement are numerous and include:

  • Improvements to mental and physical health
  • A boost in healthy behaviors
  • Protection from cognitive decline
  • Increased sense of belonging and purpose
  • Opportunities for growth and learning

This is why Ring House at Charles E. Smith Life Communities creates a full calendar of daily experiences you can share with peers. Our award-winning lifestyle and leisure programming specializes in music, creative engagement and wellness while offering seniors the chance to build new friendships with other residents.

Enjoy a Diversity of Community Amenities

Community amenities also invite interaction among residents. For instance, at Ring House, you can go to the fitness center for an exercise class, the library to choose literature for your book club, or the art studio to take a painting class together. Residents also relax and drink tea in our sunroom or outdoor terrace, or meet in the dining room to share a meal.

Prior to your move into senior living, access to these sorts of amenities likely required planning, cost and transportation. As an independent living resident, you can wake up, walk out your door, and enjoy an array of amenities and experiences designed and maintained for your enjoyment.

Focus on Your Health

Even if you don’t need daily personal care or assistance with activities of daily living, you may be thinking more and more about your health as you age. In an independent living community, you’ll have opportunities to engage in wellness programming that supports your continued health and independence.

Charles E. Smith Life Communities partners with you to prioritize your wellness and ensure you’re receiving the senior care you need. Our on-site Hirsh Health Center offers convenient access to quality medical care and rehabilitative services. This medical practice specializes in geriatric care and has 24-hour physician coverage to address the varied needs of our residents.

Other ways Ring House at Charles E. Smith Life Communities supports your wellness are:

  • Exercise classes
  • Nutritious meals with kosher dining options
  • A focus on sanitation
  • A range of services to address changing needs
  • On-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy services

Independent living helps you monitor your health and keep up with preventative measures to increase wellness. Making an early move to a health-focused community can have lasting effects on your well-being and can even reduce the progression of some diseases and ailments.

Home Without the Hassle at Charles E. Smith Life Communities

Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ network of residences is located in Rockville, Maryland, and has been caring for older adults since 1910. Ring House and Revitz House are unique independent living residences that support the lifestyle of your choosing and offer many opportunities for social engagement. Schedule a tour today to meet our award-winning team and experience how independent living could enhance your life.